My theme rejected

Whats the problem of my theme.pls help really i am bored in themeforest.Please help me what can i do now.
Demo link

Anybody please let me know,what i need to do now?

is soft or hard rejected??

hard rejected

Is very basic has problems with typography, spacing, uniqueness etc.

All design work required. It is very outdated and unprofessional.

The TF standards for quality are very high, I suggest you become familiar with the current trend and content available here.

Good luck

It’s difficult to compete other products with the one you have created. Chk other products in Themeforest market and compare it to the one you have created. Which one is more professional??? and more you like it??

Suppose that it’s passed and approved by TF team. How many sales you will do with that??

Always check themeforest for other products in same category that you are developing. Focus on those with highest sales and trending