My theme rejected due to quality standard. Please guide me where we wrong to get approve.

Hi there,

Please anybody can suggest why my theme is been rejected due to quality standard. We’d made fully custom theme and also in latest version of Angular14+.

Here is demo :

Please help us to improve our template. and make people to use our theme for future technology.

Design is not good at all

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Okay @ki-themes , Thanks for taking time to answer my query.

I accept your feedback, but sir, there’s not valid message in mail infact. so what should other parameters there? Also,we’d tried maximum stuff unique compare to all other templates. that’s why design made too different. we thought some client may like :slight_smile:

It’s out-dated design. Consider to find a better way.

@ charlie4282

Can you provide your opinion on this?
Because we give us more than design. I mean we’re providing Angular Modern version 14+, + ionic latest version. you can check in google, no one is making templates on this language combination, as it’s unique, and our users can make android, ios & web app too through this languages. This is the main Plus point of our theme and we work harder on that part.

Our main concern is to introduce Ionic+Angular combination templates on Themeforest / codecanyon (as the’re next generation tech.). We’d made more 3 templates after this submission, so now we’ve 7 websites (4 submitted + 3 after submission) ready with these technologies

Thanks for your feedback @ki-themes , but I saw so many apps/games templates on this platform which has too much outdated design, here are some of them.
I am not hating them, just putting my opinion

Those items are approved 2-3 years ago. What you’re trying to do is to get approval now. Things changed since then but you’re missing the point. You’re getting the rejection due to design quality, not coding.

In addition, changing the “left/right” elements with different photo is not giving you “more” variants. In general, your template lacks of details. It’s way too basic. Adding more “options” are not gonna help you.

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The demo takes ages and ages to load which is definitely not helping the cause.

As @ki-themes said the ones referenced above are not only 2 years old but also have next to no sales (and I bet the ones they do have are not at the current inflated price) which highlights the issue.

I am afraid @ki-themes is again right about the design etc. What you have is ok but it’s a long way from stand-out or premium

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