My Theme Preview is not Working!

My First WordPress Theme got approved 27 December & selling good. But last 3 days it stops selling suddenly. I discovered, my preview is not showing Theme but a Blank page. I checked my hosting URL. It works good, but theme preview still not working.Please, Expert Brothers check the URL & suggest me. what should I do to fix it & again start selling my theme.

Theme link & demo link:

Your demo is working fine for me.

Please, check again. I checked here but can not see. please, check my screenshot

Can you try a browser such as Chrome and open Inspect Element > Console to see if there’s any errors?

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Working for me too :wink:

Hello @Impressive-Themes

Working fine for me.

thanks,. It is Ok. Now.:grinning:

Your demo is for my website [Removed]

Guys, do you know how to edit text in the services grid? I need to change the “read more” into another language and cant find it anywhere within the code.

I have a same problem. Can any body help? how to solved this problem ?


Your server is setting the following header which prevents it from being displayed in an iframe.

X-Frame-Options: sameorigin

You should either omit the header to let anyone frame it, or change it to something like below:

X-Frame-Options: allow-from

If you’re not sure how to do this then contact your web host.

Hi @baileyherbert,
Thank you for your help.

404 not found i says.