My theme keeps getting rejected

for the second time my theme is rejected, can you help me figure out why and how to improve it ?


Are you trying to sell this theme on envato?


Please don’t feel bad or please don’t take it personally.
On the first sight the theme looks poor. It cannot explain what kind of theme it is.
Second you did not created a demo specially. instead you made some pages i think and tried to make it look as a separate theme. Its completely unprofessional.
You should make a
Try to give it a nice look where one can understand what type of theme it is. You need to work on demo layout.
Include a copyright text in footer.
This is all i can figure out. Best of luck. Nothing personal

Your product should speak for itself. its confusing when you see this theme.

thanks for the feedback, will take a look

Hi there:

Your design is too basic error too spacing header, bad typography, need spacing & alignments, need redesigns blog, team, and need all images gallery 2 rows (8 images), add more information footer, etc etc you need learning more for approved themeforest.


Thanks for the feedback.
I’ll review the theme and we’ll try to fix all the issues and improve the layout.