My theme is rejected, 2 years of work :( I need leads


After having worked so much on the usefulness of this theme, was rejected because “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required” and “Your design needs significant improvements in terms of aesthetics and attention to details.”

I really need the leads: why the theme is not good enough I would really appreciate your help!


I can only see it on a phone so may be missing stuff but it looks like some of the basics like styling could do with work and there are no alternative home page layouts, category layouts, different post type examples, other pages eg about or contact etc.?

This is a very busy category and you need to check that you are competing from a design and functionality perspective with some big files

Thank you for your reply ! I’m in despair, the different layouts are available in the demo: !

You can change the layout in real time, with the live customizer live system and the page layout is precisely manageable with a column system which can have more way of having a page, however with your comment I think to propose as all the other theme, demos separate to propose the capacity of the theme.

Note : In mobile device, you can have only 1 column, that’s why it doesn’t change anything but you can change the layout of the articles.

You definitely need to make it more obvious. Being able to change stuff is great but buyers need to be able to understand that and the process

A proper navigation (the few links is not enough) would help and improve the theme

You definitely need to demo different post types and layouts

I’d strongly suggest reviewing existing successful themes in this category to understand the scale of versatility, features and attention to detail that these offer

Thank you for your help, I am grateful and I completely agree, I will try to make it more obvious.