My theme is reject by envato

hi i am trying to upload my website design theme, which is made in bootstrap4, but when i upload it, after review they send me email that your product is not matches the standard of envato, i need help that what techniques should i follow to standardized my theme
thank you

please show your demo preview html because we can help you thanks.

When an item is Soft Rejected it means that our Quality Team have assessed that the item is almost ready to go up for sale on Envato Market, however the item still needs a couple of small changes before it can be accepted. For further information please read common rejection reasons across all of Envato Market

please check

Very poor design. You must learn more and moreā€¦

1.the template is way too short to be accepted try add more sections. have typography and visual hierarchy issues.
3.there is no color contrast between the headings and the subtext try to distinguish them more.