My theme is not importing on local server.

I’ve purchased a theme but having diffculty to while importing theme. It giving me error Access denied to demos.xml file !

Your server permissions denies access to the demos.xml file, contact your hosting provider to solve it

im not able to procced further kindly guide me further how can i inport this file


Contact with your purchase item author @nicdark hope they will help!


@nicdark im not able to inport demo theme which i buy there is 1 error showing on Your Server Permission Denied Access to Demos.xml unable to inport demo theme in WordPress on local host

Please look into this and do lemme know

Thanks & Regards

Hi @jainashish8054,

Forum is not a Item support area. Author don not provide support through Forum. You can post a comment in the Item’s Comment page (link provided in the above reply) or you can ask for support through:


Your localhost configuration is not done properly and probably missing some components.
Contacting the author as @mgscoder won’t help you as this is on your computer. Author won’t be spending his/her time to fix your “local” issue problem.

There’re lots of similar problems on localhost, just google and find what’s missing on your computer. ( Which Php Extension )

Check your logs/error.log to see what the problem is.