My theme got rejected twice, So any chance there will be any harm uploading again?

Hi !
I’m facing serious issue getting my first theme approved. I got rejected “Twice” with message “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” So again i have make some changes and want to upload it again after 2 to 3 months. So just want to make sure there will be not any harm to my account ?
Here is the Demo Link :

If you resubmit without making signifincant changes then you can be blocked

If you want feedback you should share your demo link in the forums

Demo link added. Please provide feedback thank you very much…

Your URL won’t load for me.

Sir can you please provide more information as it’s working on my side, Help me find issue thank you very much.
Check on this one : Games Arena

Check out similar themes in this category but not old themes, something that was approved in the past 5 months.

Your theme in the current state it will never be approved, it looks like it was made in 2010, do your homework before tiring to sell on ThemeForest otherwise you will just waste your time and reviewer time.

The second URL works, but I am sorry to say that this has absolute no chance of being approved. You need to seriously improve your design skills.

Thank you very much. Your opinions means a lot i figured out i have to improve my designing skills…