My theme got rejected. Is it that bad?

Hi guys,

I would like a honest opinion on a theme that I tried to upload and was rejected. Demo is here ->

I know it’s not super polished, but is it that bad? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


I uploaded some Ghost themes and in terms of difficulty they are pretty similar compared to Jekyll (i can say it is low - medium difficulty to get it approved), you don’t need a lot features, but your design must be correct and display at least all available sections provided by the CMS (Jekyll, Ghost or WP)

You have important errors until you get approved:

With all respect, the theme looks like a free theme so you need to spend lot time refining every aspect in terms of quality.

Hope my comments will help you.

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Thanks for the reply, I appreciate your honesty.

Is it better now? Thanks.

The link provided show the same you shared yesterday.

Same typography, alignment, spacing, line-height, contrast errors.

Also is the same content (just 2 posts, you need a lot more posts, at least 10 - 13 and better images).

Check one of my latest Ghost themes:

Just to be honest as you request, all errors i said before can’t be fixed from one day to another, you need to spend more time refining the design. Also it is a good idea to check the latest blogs on your category or Ghost to see what i’m talking about related to quality.


thank you. :pray: