My Theme Got Rejected Even After Fixing Given Reasons

Hello fellows.
My theme got hard rejected with message ''Not at the quality standards" and as I requested a good reviewer sent me some links related to “White Space in design” and “Space or Design Hierarchy”. So i improve them and submit it but again it got hard rejected with no guide’s only the quality standards message. Please check and help me to improve what’s wrong with quality. I shall be very thankful.

Template URL: Vape Mafia

lets see what experts respond. I am following this post.

Still not good enough to be approved as a premium item - along with some issues, the template is too basic.

If you submitted it whilst it was still for sale elsewhere then as an exclusive author it would have been rejected.

Got it… can you please give any example?

okay but it wasn’t for sale elsewhere. What can be the other design quality issues?

Struggling with the same problem. Interested to know the solution.

It’s not one or two small things, general design lacks of details and better execution.