My theme got rejected - can anybody help with suggestions

Hi all,

Recently submitted a theme and it got rejected. There was no feedback provided. This is demo url :

May I know the reasons so that it can be improved. Can I contact themeforest somewhere to know more details ? Please review demo and suggest what changes are required.

My suggestion is that your landing page is pretty standard. There are no any unique elements or sections. Plus, the visual design is slightly ugly. Try to get inspired by browsing designs on Behnace Interaction Gallery (link: May be this will help you to understand your mistakes clearly.

Good luck :wink:

@Aspirity-Thanks for your reply. Will definitely check that.

Are there any other reasons ? Can it be related to coding standards ? Does anybody know how exactly theme gets checked and what is expected ?

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Themes are checked rigorously and have to meet strict criteria. I would start with what @Aspirity has said as I agree that the design is a little lacking so some research may help you in updating your template. Also I noted that you have inline styles in your HTML code, you will need to correct that and keep all styling to external stylesheets.

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Thanks so much for your reply