My Template was rejected. Please help me to understand why

Is it meant to be a PSD template?

I don’t really get where it begins or ends as it does not seem to have a defined header or footer.

  • Either way the ‘sections’ which you have here are (with respect) a million miles from the standard for envato

  • The typography is way way off - font choices, spacing, margins

  • The team people images look stretched and job titles don;t align properly

  • Again without seeing the site in one full layout it is hard to say but it looks like it may be packed with other spacing inconsistencies etc.

Take a look at the current standard of other files already for sale and you will see the difference.

@lfter btw, that mountains can be seen from my hometown :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your important feedback. Please suggest me, my all faults. I am really sorry for not giving full layout at first time. please take it easy. Here is it…