My template was rejected. Please guide me on how to approve or what things to consider?

Here is the link of the template, please guide me by checking it

Hi, please post a youtube link to the preview video of your project instead of the template file :wink:

I actually liked it. Wainting for other answers

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thanks <3

Hi. Sorry for your rejection. Design and neon effect are too basic, really need more work to make better neon look, but above all this, there are many other neon logos with much better execution, design, light work, not just blinking text with stroke format. So basically your work has nothing new to outstand among all those projects already approved on Videohive. I always say, in my opinion, that the best way to improve your projects is watching other good works from other authors with the style you want, then you can see and learn about the quality level needed to get an approval.
Hope this helps.
Good luck! :+1: