My template was rejected after modifications

I was given a soft rejection after making all the adjustments
He rejected my template, knowing that the last modification requested by me was incomprehensible
And at the latter the message is rejected that your mold does not fit together our standards
The question is why you accepted the template and it does not meet your criteria.
The second question is whether it is a solution to re-raise my template

Technically a hard rejection cannot be resubmitted without considerable amends but if you share the message from the reviewer and your demo link here then someone may be able to provide more insight

hi sir
The following picture shows all your edits
Except for the latter that was the cause
The reason is not at all clear

Demo Link

Prview img link

Last Prview img link 1


I can only see it on a phone and iPad but your demo link images for hom 1-5 do appear a bit stretched on smaller screens and the final image above (logo) is v pixellated.

That aside I can’t see the code to comment on the other points but generally, with respect I think you were very lucky that was all the reviewer flagged:

  • Typography could be improved

  • Quite limited features and functionality

  • The nav doesn’t work on mobile (just reloads the page)

  • having things like commerce mentions in a resume template is very suspicious about the originality of the design generally

It raises a question as to why there is another authors and template’s info in the site?

I have two names, the old one and the new one. I did not change it on the site and forgot to change it in the template

The problem is not as I said it was only possible to clarify the problem where exactly
The message he sent me was sent by someone who had templates on the site and did not understand his destination
So the problem of the references is not mine
Because the mold is sound of mistakes
If it was a mistake or not fit the site
They had to reject him
This is now considered a pain in my right after the whole fatigue and the amendments are rejected