my template kit was submit themeforest....

hi to all:

How many days come email if approved or hard rejected my template kit? yesterday i was submit themeforest please help me thank you so much… regards.

You can see the average review times here, but that’s only an estimate, it can be longer.

themeforest review time no have time for template kit :frowning:

yes, it is not there because this category is new. they will review your item as quickly they can but for week end can be some delay. Hope you will get email on Monday. Thanks

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Thank you so much, regards.

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I have doubt that I will upload my template kit before 31 march or 18 april?

if you upload Template Kit for review before 31 March 2020 on ThemeForest then you are eligable to get awarded $200 per Template Kit if your Template Kits approved for ThemeForest.

but there is an update:


The dates for our Upload Bonanza have now be extended until 18th April , and we will be awarding the first 400 Template Kits approved and published $200USD. Please see solution post below for further details.

my 2 template kits but don’t good bonus :’(

See you I think that my template some error maybe was hard rejected bad spacing my template kit :frowning:

keep trying to make best quality Template Kit hope you will get approve.

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what you think my template kit is best quality or bad?

as you have already submitted lets see what reviewer reply in review email. :wink:

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I’m still scared because if hard rejected it won’t pay :frowning:

in the mean time you can plan to make another one with more premuim quality.

My other template kit is close to completion, today or tomorrow I am going to send the themeforest.

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