My Template is rejected what should i do now ?

I am a self-taught graphic designer living in a small village. I am new on Envato and submitted the first letterhead design and rejected due to this reason please guide me, experts. we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

My template here :

hi, for your letterhead, there is much to say indeed. First of all, the bottom line is that there is not much graphic design into it and that this is not helping to bring some originality to the table and to make your design thus differ from others. In addition even if we consider the minimalistic style as an “interesting style” which is not my case - i am not hiding - there are still a good deal of things to fix or improve so that the item gets to the next level in the end. First of all, u should invest some time to create a decent fake logo to bring a little more graphic design in the template and make the preview look better in the process … then, the spacing looks weird as the footer is a bit like choking while u have some strange white space stripes under the header and after the main body of the template. The green color is not a supe choice as offering very little contrast with the white background. This , in a snowball effect , makes u be confronted with a readability issue of the text in green color which are far from being super visible indeed , not to mention that the green of these texts and the general green do not look the same … the brush style text signature simply does not match with the rest of the flyer and the rest of the typo, which are all very corporate looking and very straight so that the more curvy style of the used font and related text definitely look coming out of the blue. u also have an issue as regard to breathing in the footer area and above the header , contents should be given more white space so that this does not look like chocking indeed. Finally, for me, one of the main problems with what u here is this … the template can redone in a few minutes by anyone having basic skills in photoshop so that potential buyers will not feel like that they are saving some time out of buying , they would this rather opt for redoing the thing and save money. Neither can they feel like that they are going to take their graphic skills to the next level by buying the item, so that the item has close to no potential either, if u ask me, so identifying just this why would a reviewer accept the template and make it for sale in an already busy professional marketplace offering already more interesting and worked out items?

okay i will work on these tips Thanks

u are welcome, pls check the solution box, thank u :slight_smile: