My template is not accepted by Wordpress!!!



I have bought the template “magazine” but when i instaled it in wordpress they said to me you haven’t css!!!
What that???

Please help me

  1. “Magazine” is a very generic term - you need to be more specific which file you bought?

  2. Are you sure you bought a WP theme and not a HTML template or other file?

  3. You are using your own domain/hosting and NOT a WordPress. com site?

  4. Assuming the answer to the above is YES then you should go to your profile >> downloads >> click the download button and select “Installable WordPress File Only” and use this zip file to install the theme via your admin

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2 possible reasons

  1. You bought the HTML version as charlie said
  2. If you wordpress version but you have downloaded all files and trying to install that


Oups i make a mistake a have bought template html
How i con change to the same template for wordpress?
Thank you


If you know how to code you can potentially modify it but it is a big job and only for those familiar with WordPress.

You can open a ticket with envato and see if they will let you refund the error purchase but there is no obligation for them to do so.

The easiest option is to just buy the WordPress version.


You can’t exchange items or get refund if you downloaded and used item already. This is your responsibility to check and read what you buy. When you buy HTML template you see this in several places. I don’t understand how people can buy HTML template if they need WordPress theme. HTML template does not have any words about WordPress on its description and cost 4x less price then WordPress theme.


Probably somewhere along the line, the author said that there is a WP version (a link) and maybe OP thought it was the WP version. Lesson of this topic, read carefully before a purchase


“Read carefully before a purchase” and understand that WordPress theme can’t cost $10-$15.