My template is hard rejected several times. The ideas ended.

Hi friends! My HTML portfolio template is hard rejected several times. I edited it every time and now I have ended ideas. Please help me find the reason for refusal. I really hope for your help.

Live Demo:


I would suggest you to work on the typography of the template. Also try using some real content for important parts instead of Lorem Ipsum everywhere. Try to break paragraphs into multiple lines in place of having long text in a single line.
I believe your primary color is not complementing the design importantly on the light version.

Thank you for answer! But there are fresh templates in which there are more text “Lorem” and they have been moderated without any problems. Jordis - Responsive Bootstrap 4 Personal Website Template

I am not saying that this is the major reason for the rejection but when you are struggling to get your item approved then doing some extra work shouldn’t be a pain. You should also stop comparing your item with other approved ones. The best option is to make your template the very best among all the other approved templates.

Yes, of course you are right. I do everything possible by checking out solutions from other successful templates.