My Template HTML is hard Rejected

My Template HTML is hard Rejected
I don’t understand why hard rejected?
can someone help me ??
thank !!

Hello There are typographic hierarchy, alignment, gap, contrast, and inconsistency errors in the design.
And there seems to be nothing unique from the products on the market
Footer section seems very simple
No animation,
So transitions are very fast in the hover events in the others
there are many errors in this section, you must first understand the visual hierarchy and typographic hierarchy

There are more spaces and hierarchy errors here


The gap values ​​are not the same and your design is too tight

contrast error not clear

there are many more typographic and general gap errors
You can improve your design
you will need to learn the principles of ui design to notice errors
Check out some market products
It will help you understand the design quality
examine the principles of design
An accurate roadmap will lead you to success
Feel free to discuss
Thank you very much.

thaank u for this advices

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