my template has been rejected



hi ,

my template rejected without any reason
it ( HTMl & CSS )

i want know reasons why it rejected


Before any feedback, add your demo link


please add your link demo,




I think that you problem typography need improvement.


mmmmmm only !!


I think but I not am sure, you can wait other author regards.


ok thank u for time


You should choose better font, increase padding, add more unique design details


Hi, I hope this will help:
first of all, there are “zillion” templates like this - try to make it more unique (not too unique, though).
Second - the usual stuff - typography hierarchy, spacing …
Attention to details (for example, see how slider arrows are not centered and tight inside the circle…), line height in slider is not good (too narrow).
“Our clients” logos are badly visible (either darken the background, or invert colors of logos)…

A lot of work with details …

Good luck !


ok , thank u for all :slight_smile: