My Template Got Rejected. Please Review it.

Hi, I am new here.
My template got rejected. Can you please review it and give me your suggestions to improve it.

My Template link is below.

Can anyone share a good template so that I can get an idea?

upload the preview to youtube and post it here first so people may have an ideia of you did. It is easier to see what is wrong

uploaded. Please review it.

Your logo does not acctually reveal, and the drop shadow spinning behind it is not well done, its too fast and simple. The idea is cool but not well executed to be considered for envato high standards related to motion graphics. Your project is too simple and lacks atmosphere, nuance. What I would do is improve the shadows to be more realistic, reveal the fogo from white at the beginning and apply a effect to paint it with its colours when the rings animate at the end. Experiment with gradients, colour ramp, vingnete, don’t use 100% white. Keep it up. It is a dificult theme and style to stand out from the crowd, but do not give up.

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