My template got hard rejected again!

I got this template rejected about 3 times.
I made changes and got rejected again.

Please help with any suggestion to improve it.

as for me i like and i cannot identify what’s supposed to be wrong (especially since this is really original according to me), so sorry but no clue how to help you …

  1. Image seems using only bitmap. Pixelated. (e.g loading)
  2. The time texts are overlapping.
  3. The overall idea is impressive but design is still lacking.
  4. I think the main content is too close to the border of the navigation.
  • Menu hover looks unfinished
  • About us, Services pages content have poor typography

you can’t resubmit the same file, ever

Thanks all for your help. Try working on it.

Why can’t I resubmit it?

every time your items get hard reject you should be start new project . Hard reject = No Way For Accept This Item

But I have read here in the forum that after hard reject of the same item they got approved.