My submission keeps getting rejected

I have been trying to submit my react website project in envato market. I tried my best to meet the requirements for the submission. But, I have no idea why my project keeps getting rejected. I need a clear idea from the expert about what should be done before submission to get my project approved.
Thank You.

You need to post a demo here if you want feedback

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here is the link of demo:

Hello there,
I had submitted my collection, here is the files I am attaching here, can you tell me the reasons why it is got hard rejected?

and one more thing, may I know the number of items we need to upload at once?

Presumably this is for a PSD template?

It’s Impossible to comment from a small image where the detail cannot be seen.

That said the concept looks very over done so it would also depend what the other pages in the design look like

this old style like 2012 for so was hard rejected.