My submission is rejected. Please give me some suggetion.

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Hello Belalraju, try working on your colors, Here I kinda reworked your design for you just to give you an idea, Text colors too remember your trying to sale homes not text so don’t use all white, well i hope this helps you out, Think out of the box and good luck

#db9033 - Color 1
#c37f2a - Color 2

Design reworked

#Take2Design, Thank you for your valuable reply :heart:

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Anytime, remember the blind can’t lead the blind. Good luck

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hi well this is way better the way u did it … though how much time did it take u to redo it or fix it? because i think that if the thing is rather harmonious in both cases, especially with your version BTW, there is still an issue of global style … the fact that the item can be redone rather easily is much of an issue in terms of commercial potential , as people would rather opt for redoing rather than buying as they would not save so much time by simply buying … in addition, in both cases, there are still issues of contrast and texts that not as readable as expected or not popping out enough yet . in both cases, the hierarchy of information still remains rather flat and same goes with the typo which is globally lacking of originality touches , variations and font combinations , not to mention that the global style doesn’t really introduce anything really new compared with a lot of other items that were approved in the past …