My submission has been rejected without provided any reason


recently I build an HTML template for and it got reject without providing any reason.

“Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

here is the demo link, would you guys guide me, in which place I have done wrong something, which is not up to the quality work. so I can fix it and resubmit it

No link

please check now you can find the link in the topic .

With respect, there is a lot of things wrong here -

The design itself esp typography spacing etc. really does not feel premium

The main issue is that it feels half-built and unfinished, which is a very dangerous route to go down because it will result in hard rejection and make resubmission much much harder

  • The main menu doesn’t do anything

  • Clicking home service’ doesn’t do anything

  • Whatever service you choose is the same hairstyling card (which is quite bland)

  • The big wide ‘next button’ on a desktop does not look good

  • The form lacks proper validation e.g. I can move through it without selecting fields or making choices

  • The payment logos look pixelated

You need to invest a lot of time in attention to detail, improving design UI, adding alternative features and functionality that actually make it usable if someone bought it and wanted to make it functional

Means if have to add links menus, and make home service workable, and each item’s need to represent by click and select …

Would you like to guide me where from i can get esp and typography idea

Also one more thing, this is HTML template does i need to add validation in forms ? does it really required …


It doesn’t do anything constructive I’m afraid. It looks promising, then people click on links to book, nothing happens, or you get the option to choose but then below that close. Incomplete theme and so people just will not buy it even if it was approved.

Call Us, WhatsApp and Instagram buttons left hand side do nothing either.

Also on a computer screen, I chose say Hairstyling for example, and click choose, but then didn’t even realise down on the left hand bottom side was a Button saying Next. It’s confusing sorry to say.

Hello, i just change whole things and fix all major points but, still i got same answer from envato,

would you like to review it again, so guide me why did they reject it again

@charlie4282 you did not replied on this…