my submission got rejected, please help and feedback

this is my submission, logo design, but it is getting rejected by reviewer, so please help give your tips to create preview so my submission can be approve, thanks

wow! i have no idea why this one did not make it … apart from maybe because u have no text or name and thus no typo combination … otherwise i personally really like the illustration … i would just increase slightly the red edge ad get rid of the background which is unnecessary if u ask me

my work has been rejected before and I fix it by removing the text hoping to be approved by Envato, any other suggestions?

That red outline ruin the whole thing.

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yes u are right the edge should be thicker but in a different color

thanks for your feedback, i’ve done revision, I will upload my work on my Instagram account because Envato has banned me from submitting my rejected work

thanks for the feedback, have a great day everyone

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u too buddy :slight_smile: