My submission got rejected and was wondering why

I submitted my first item to Graphic River and it got hard rejected. Are there any authors that can advise me as to what could be the reason for it being rejected?

I want to understand what could be the reason so that I can improve on the design

Overall I don’t think it’s very attractive. The colours arent a very good choice, and it looks very flat and cluttered. There isnt enough spacing around the text, the font choices aren’t interesting, and the hierarchy of information is a bit confusing, and the layout seems scattered and unorganized.

Thank you for the helpful feedback. By spacing around the words, do you mean around the words or the spacing between the words itself?

The paragraph “This beautiful six bedroom…” is very close to the white bar on the left of it, you should give a bit more space between the two.

And the spacing between each line of text is pretty close as well, spacing out the text a bit more will make it easier to read.

Try making some spacing rules for yourself. What I like to do is to make a rectangle and use it as a spacing guide, place it in between the text and the bar and make it a good width so that each element has breathing room, that becomes your spacing rule, then duplicate that rectangle and place it between every section so that everything has equal spacing. It should look much more organized and easier to read. Of course there are exceptions, and you can have multiple spacing rules.

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Thank you, that is very helpful. I’m guessing the “too cluttered” is caused by the spacing issues?

I will try to do this over some time and try again. If I redesign it I’ll ask you to take a look at it again

Yes, I believe the spacing will help with making it less cluttered.

I forgot to mention that you should also have a consistent space around the entire outer edge of the document, and it would be a very good idea to have a bleed around the edge as well, if you’re not sure what a bleed is, it’s an extension of the document that will be cut off during the production process of the flyer, any background colours or designs that reach the edge of the document should extend into the bleed, this way when the sheet is cut, there wont be any white or missing colours near the edge of the page. Anything important like text and focal points in images should stay within the inner margins of the document (the space around the outer edge I mentioned before).

I’ll post a flyer I made for a client when I get home later tonight, and I’ll point out a few other things that I think could help improve your future work.

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Thanks. I actually made this flyer while being bored as practice flyer (since I’m self taught and keep on practicing new things and styles) and tried to update it to sell it online, but I forgot some of the most basic stuff (like the bleed, which is bad cause I work as a full time graphic designer and we print stuff every day and we must use bleeds). Thanks for all the help

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first of all think about complementary colors … what u have is not aesthetic, harmonious or outstanding

2- typo
the typo is way too flat … theres is no font combinaton and no originality at all

3- hierarchy
as for what i explained in -2 as regard to typo, your hierarchy is really not good at all too, nothing is popping out and attracting eyes

4- contrast
u are violating a major basic design principle here … the text in the green area is not readable

5- alignment
once again u are violating a basic design principle
texts are strangely placed and aligned, this is not logical indeed

6- global style
sorry to say just this but why would anyone by this ? if u know photoshop u redo the same quickly and save money …

7- logo
i will try not to be too brutal but … the logo is really not good … the font is not ok, the text is misplaced , the colors of the logo make it melt into the background and to on … apart from ruining the preview, as such i do not understand what is supposed to be the purpose of this one … besides a logical z-shape reading process would require u to put it after the text in the green zone and not the other way around …

text in the green footer zone is too close and will be cut with the trim …

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Very helpful tips for self taught designers like me thanks a lot

I don’t think it’s very attractive.
The colors are selected quite blurred. It makes viewer feel bored.
The font looks very flat and cluttered.
You should improve your skill by taking your time on design forums like StudioDesign, GraphicDesign or magazines like Magazine Designing, Techgara,…
Hope you do your best.