My submission got hard rejected

Hello Experts,

We have built an eCommerce for codecanyon Rosen - Ecommerce . It got hard rejected. Can anyone tell me what’s the issue here? Would you please write your valuable feedback?
Thanks in advance

From the demo link, It seems you built an HTML5 template, and it should be submitted to the Themeforest marketplace, not to the Codecanyon.

There is no doubt that you put a lot of effort into your product. However, you need to check a few popular designs and the newest trends from the Themeforest marketplace to get a better idea and work on those. A quick feedback from my side.

I hope that helps and keep trying :). Wish you all the best :+1:

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Thank you for your response, we updated our template by considering your points, can you check the template again Rosen-Ecommerce @xenioushk