My song was rejected

Hello friends. I created a song but it was rejected, without any explanation. I wanted to appeal to your experience to explain why the song was rejected.

The song is called paper heart, it is instrumental, and talks about a beautiful, but delicate heart. That’s why at the beginning the strings sound like a beating heart.

I await your kind comments so I can make adjustments and have the song approved.

Hi Mark

I think the composition itself and the melodies are quite nice. But the arrangement I think should have some more dynamic build-up. The intro sounds like a different track, so I think you should try an intro with the piano and then slightly build-up the song with the strings to follow and the clocks that follow the melody later in the track itself. That typically works for me.

The track lacks some dynamic in my opinion, so I would suggest that you work with modulation in the strings and perhaps some velocity changes in the piano, so it doesn’t sound that robotic. Right now it sounds very MIDI-played and not that alive. You might want to experiment with different piano sounds and add some reverb on the track so it sounds more like a real person is playing it.

You could also try layering the strings, add reverb and turn the down volume a bit to make them sound wider and not so “in your face” in terms of the mix.

Just my thoughts, good luck!

I think the reason for the reject is the poor sound quality. 1) Frequency balance. Low and high frequencies are not enough. 2) Space. The sound of the instruments is blurry, there is no clarity in their placement. In this video Corazon de Papel I tried to correct the mistakes. Unfortunately, I do not speak English and do not comment on my actions in this video. But I will describe my actions here. On the Voxengo SPAN analyzer we see that there are not enough low and high frequencies, and there is also too much stereo expansion of the sound. Using the Voxengo MSED plugin, we reduce the side and increase the mid. Then, using the Voxengo Gliss EQ equalizer in mid-side mode, we cut off frequencies to the side below 100 Hz. Using the second equalizer, GlissEQ, we balance the frequencies. We compare the result obtained with the reference track. I think it turned out well enough to be put up for sale. But. It is better to achieve high-quality sound at the mixing stage.
Sorry for my English. If you don’t understand, ask questions. Always happy to help you.
Good luck.


Hello. Thank you very much for your recommendations. Some of them I don’t really understand how to apply, but I’m going to tweak the song based on your advice. I thank you very much for taking the time to listen and advise me.

I want to thank you so much for creating that amazing video tutorial full of knowledge. The computer programs you mentioned are completely new to me, but I will look online and use them to improve the song. Your explanation has significantly expanded my perspective on how I can perfect the song, and I greatly appreciate your valuable help.