My Song was Rejected (This item does not meet the general commercial quality)

Hello Envato Community,

I’m too angry right now because my song “Crystal (Summer Party & Energetic Fun Sports)” that i worked too hard was rejected from AudioJungle just because my item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required for your “exclusive” staff team that doesn’t spend their time to create a song.

Envato Team, did you know how we (music producers) work to spend our fuc… time to create a special project to sell on the digital world? No, because you only click the green or red button and its ready!

I think that is time to vanish your trash-staff, because is killing the really hard work that we try to made to earn money on internet.

Joseph Gonzalo

Can we listen to this?

That is a bit harsh over just getting one song rejected. It happens to all of us. Try not getting emotionally too attached to your music.


Please show respect to staff and all who are here and refrain from such rude words! I understand your resentment, but you should not be too emotional about this! When you come to life, upload this track here so that we can listen to it! Good luck!


I think that you will find that the review staff are all active and successful authors in their own right.

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I don’t understand it. I’ve had a couple rejections on here, and each time I was mortified and crushed. But it never crossed my mind to put it on reviewers and see them as “trash” because of this.

This is just the puerile reaction of a fevered ego. This attitude will lead you nowhere @JosGCS, and it certainly is not welcome here.


This is becoming common last months, some frustrated hard rejected from authors that after come here to say “beautiful” words about AJ.
I´m thinking it´s time to close the door, and ask new authors for some examples first to become a seller here.


Someone is serious about this place and earns here steadily, and who thinks that offend everyone, and this is somehow “normal”… Of course, any insult here is unacceptable. I wrote about it, maybe you just did not notice .

Yes, I did notice. I know you want this place to be respectful. My post wasn’t aimed at you in any way.

I was just using it to highlight the fact that just because rejection can hurt really bad, it doesn’t give the right to be insulting. Basically I was saying the same as you were, but with a harsher stance, due to me not having had my first coffee then.

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You would show this track here, can someone and suggested something :slight_smile: