My song is not accepted, why?

I uploaded a song on AudioJungle and they didn’t accept it. They tell me this message, but they don’t clarify what the problem is. Can someone help me by explaining why this audio was not accepted?

“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately”

Tranck in drive: Marx Baquero - Cancion de pan.wav - Google Drive

Please help me by telling me clearly why this song is not accepted. It is 100% my composition.

Compositionally it’s a good song - You’re clearly a talented musician and they will likely accept your songs with some tweaks. The mix is good, well balanced.

-The piano is quite MIDI sounding - it’s worth humanising it, but limiting the velocities so there aren’t out of place super hard hits. At some points the piano hits really hard and it doesn’t suit the vibe of the song imo.

-It sounds a bit messy and out of tune around 0:30, I think theres a pitch issue with the violins - worth checking your midi and tuning etc.

The instruments sound out of time at 1:18 - it sounds like the snare is a bit late coming in. Quantise everything to the project grid in your DAW.

Try replacing the strings with Spitfire’s BBC orchestra - its free. Spitfire Labs have some excellent sounding pianos that would be better suited to this style too. All freebies.

Good luck :smiley:

Also worth noting that AJ are quite picky with their submissions. it’s possible you’ll write songs that do meet the “commercial quality standard” and they will still reject them. Don’t get disheartened if you get rejected :slight_smile:

What a good person you are. It is the first time that a professional observes my song, and he gives me purposeful advice to grow. Thank you so much. I will do what you tell me to the letter and upload it again. I hope that in Ableton it will be easy to install Spitfire’s BBC, I will look for tutorials and try it. Thank you so much.