My song has been rejected help

Hello, I am new to this market, yesterday I was rejected this song, I would like to know what you can suggest, I listen to your comments.

Thank you


I think the horn coming in at about 1:17 sounds a bit jarring… might could introduce that instrument more gently?

But on the whole, I think it sounds very good, and could be a great musical cue in a fitting production.

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It really is a lovely composition played beautifully. I’d agree with the horn, and perhaps a better quality sample as it doesn’t sound as professional as the strings. It also ends rather abruptly. I think it’d make a wonderful score so maybe think from a film maker or editor’s point of view about how it could be used in film.

Very beautiful touching composition/arrangement/performance but I would say the french horn is too loud and dry. It don’t blend in the mix because of that. It needs to be more expressive too. Try to make a slow attack following by vibrato with the first note (it starts too abrupt and the notes are too flat to me). I’m not 100% sure, but you seem to have samples repetition too (unless it’s a real performance, but in that case same notes sound too much similar (1:27 and 1:30)). Avoid that. Everything sounds expressive and realistic until the french horn start to play unfortunately.


  1. A little more variation on the Cello articulations, maybe soften them up a bit.

  2. Vocal comes in flat, gotta bump the pitch up a bit.

  3. Take a breath before the change to g minor @1:17, and maybe increase the wet mix on the Horn to make it a little more distant and maybe filter some of the brassiness out or reduce velocity.

Still, you’ve got some great stuff going on, good luck!

  • Nathan