my son made an account to use for free stock images for his project we were changed 290 USD


I have sent 3 emails to support to refund my money. My son is 13 and has created an account to use free stock image/videos. we were changed 290 USD. I did send 3 emails with no respond.
My son used his school email to create an account on Envato. Unfortunatley school acounts do not let him receive any emails outside of school contents. He can’t communicate with you guys and I need to step in to get refund for him. how come I never got any respond from support?

Hi @honeykhadem1,

Please open a support ticket at Elements Support using the subscriber account. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


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hi that is what my son did but he cannot receive your emails becasue his email is school email.

could you please help me on this? I can give you his account email.

This is tricky because technically your son should not have created or been using his own account due to his age (it’s in the T&Cs when signing up), and the subscription automated if the free trial is not cancelled during the initial period.

Unfortunately no one in these forums will be able to help as this is something that only support can assist with.

  1. You could try logging into the envato account in use and change the context email BUT I would not be able to tell you if there is any issue with doing this if you cannot access envato emails to the existing one, or guarantee that it may not create different problems.

  2. Could your son’s school IT team help retrieve the emails somehow - presumably these still land on the inbox even if it is just blocked on arrival?

  3. You could try creating a new account (in your details NOT your son) - it doesn’t need to be elements and could just be envato so no need to risk making any payments, and contact support from there.

However, obviously they are not able to discuss someonelse’s account, so again, no promises as to if that will resolve anything but at least then you have an accessible dialogue with official support.

If you can’t get traction with customer service, I would file a dispute with the credit card company.

I did create an account and that is how I am writting here. I did contact the school and for some security reason they cannot let any not school related be sent to students and I understand their concern. It is a lot of money for us and I did try to contact support with no luch. they don’t even reply back to my tickets

that would be the last solution but I want to see if I can get refund before going through despute from my bank which will take a long time to process