My solo piano track was rejected, why?

I uploaded my first track on audio jungle. but it was rejected.what is the problem in this track. please help me. thanks…

Hi @middletune!
Your track has only one instrument (piano). It’s not acceptable.
You can read about it here:

Piano tracks are acceptable.

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Well, in the article “AudioJungle Items We Do and Don’t Need” it is clearly said that
"Currently we are not accepting files similar to those described below:
- Tracks using only one instrument and only one note played at any time".
I don’t see any exceptions for piano.
Or does it mean “a track with one instrument playing one note only”? (who would do that anyway?).

No solo instruments like trumpet etc.

sounds amateur (I mean performance), that’s all in my opinion

only one instrument AND only one note. I have tons of solo piano tracks.

The piano VST you’re using sounds like it’s from an old casio. There also seems to be very little (or no) variation on your note velocities. It also sounds like these notes were entered by a mouse, rather than recorded by a keyboard (both can work, but when the left hand chords always hit exactly at the same time it sounds unnatural).