my social youtube "social media" maybe is wrong design some please help me

hello to all authors:

Please help me better my design elements -> social media because my friend @n2n44 bad understand me because he think that my design like banner ads but I don’t want create banner, please help me for my design thank you so much

no image sorry…

hi Jeri, in my case i think that no matter what this is , this is too disorganized and that spreading things on the canvas is not creating an item, nor a composition by the way. the eye gets lost in searching for the information in what u have here and if u analyze the social media things in most of cases they are simple or they are cleanly arranged

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Thank you so much, I will remove my image preview regards.

Rejected… and told to browse the existing library of quality items they have… where they have one item and I don’t feel it’s even in a quality level to reach this

@n2n44 please help to he (@anchor_point_heshan) maybe good point.


p.s: I am not expert to design but I am learning to design :slight_smile:

hi u have two main problems here , the first one is that some of the icons are a bit too lat and somehow look a bit disconnected with the bullet under. If u ask me, u should harmonize style and bring some effect to the table on all icons , they would also look more worked out in the process, too … The second one is that in some sets, the text is barely being popping out of the background as the color of the text is not contrasting enough from the background so that this is valued, this is outstanding and really readable without efforts

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