My site with ThemeForest / Raddin is dead... am I dead?

Did a few update and VLAN… the site is out. I am guilty, I have a template that is not sold here anymore but I got it from here a few year ago. - Purchase item Raddin - Elegant Responsive Joomla Templates from user maskeenan on ThemeForest

I am getting Notice : Undefined variable: theme in /home3/bartsmit/public_html/templates/raddin/error.php on line 20

Any hope? comments? help?

Thank you


go to joomla administrator then
Go to Site > Global Configuration > Server > Error Reporting

and set: None
None will disable all error reporting.

If the above solution not work for you you can try to add the folowing in index.php

<?php error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); ?>