My site/theme has become unresponsive...........

My site has become unresponsive, the contact form ceased working, the images don’t load and the guy who put it together for me is no longer available. I’m the guy who owns the site, not the teckie, are there any updates available or am i looking at a new theme purchase, it is 3 years old now?

Any info would be great for this non-teckie website owner.


Do you know the name of the theme? And did you purchase it under your own account or did your tech buy it?

Bistro and i believe the tech guy bought it, cheers for the message.


I checked your account and it looks like you purchased the theme, which makes things a lot easier :smiley:

If you go to your Downloads area you can download the latest version of the theme. It looks like it was updated in September 2014. Also, you can check out the author’s support information here -


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