My Site Template Submission is rejected

I have no idea why my submission is rejected. Here is a demo site
I submitted it in site template/miscellaneous category. I haven’t received details why my submission is rejected instead of this message

it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward

Which doesn’t state much. I want to know how can i make it meet quality standard.

It’s HTML/CSS Template based on Materialize

The main reason it got rejected, with all honestly, is the Materialize.css heavy style, it needs to be significantly customized, it looks like you just dumped some materialized component without any special touch to it.

Apart from that, there are some issues regarding the design aesthetics of the website e,g: you overused the box-shadow property, the categories page looks outdated, there is no color harmony between the two colors you’ve chosen, typography issues, alignment issues, And visual hierarchy problems.

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Most of the code is custom. I had used some materializecss components.

Thanks for the feedback.

Even if you add custom code, it is still hard to pull off something unique with materialized css and that’s because it’s too opinionated on the other hand bootstrap is great because it provides customizable building blocks that you can easily make something your own way

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The reason that i choose materializecss is because i like material design :slight_smile:
I am using box shadow instead of border because i like the look they give.
I would be happy if you tell me what’s wrong with typography e.g. font, size, alignment etc.

Thanks for suggestion :slight_smile:

Thanks for suggestions and replying i got to know what i need to fix

  1. Spacing and Alignment Issue (Have to figure it out where)
  2. Reponsive Issues (Don’t know where but have to figure it out)

Thanks to Envato Reviewer for letting me know on what i have to focus.

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