My shopping cart item is rejected because of "the aesthetic" reason

Hi, I need an advice. I submitted a shopping cart template few days ago. It is a template (a code) to manage the shopping cart. And then today I got the message that It was rejected because the reviewer thought that it was not beautiful enough. The template doesn’t meant to be sold as a beautiful template that can be used by the buyers. I do not want to sell the visual of the template, but the code that manage the shopping cart. What should I do to submit it again? Thanks.

This is the video demo:

Sharing the demo link could be a start

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thank you for reminding me about the video demo, I just edit the post to put the video demo URL.

They are right to reject the item. There’s no visual part of the project. You’re not selling only codes here, you need also some design

All I want to do is sell the script that manage the shopping cart. I never intended to sell the beautiful shopping cart visual template that is why in the example I do not put any visual part just the items that support my intention to show the people what my code can do.

The reviewer is right about the visual lacking but I’d also suggest focusing on a working demo of the cart as a priority over the video which, with respect, is very long and extremely confusing - there seem to be specific features of the cart which I don’t totally follow or understand from the video.

Thank you for your suggestion for my video demo, I will edit it to be more simple and less confusing.

Don’t edit the video, share the demo site URL so users can check it

I think nobody I understand what I really want to say, so I think I need to make the video more to the point