My second upload was rejected hardly O.M.G , can you help me solve the mystery?

hi friends ,

I received hard rejection on audiojungle , no explanations were suggested, can you help me figure out why?

thank a lot

Mr. Talchik

The production sounds quite dated and “computery” - not life-like enough instrument sounds etc. Not enough dynamics or variation. Likely it was rejected because of the production standard? (They tell you in the email.)

Thanx Toivo for your quick response

no , they mention the composition\arrangement wasn’t in the standard

“This submission does not meet our general commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately”.

it suppose to sound “computerish” , is it wrong?
and the music split to A-B-A-B - very simple , nothing fancy , is that wrong?

Fun track, a bit too repetitive perhaps. Sounds a bit like Monkey Island music from the 90’s. In general I think it’s better to go with more modern sounds. Also, always good to bring in another section than your A and B for variation.

Yeah, definitely sounds “computerish” and by computerish I mean it doesn’t sound much better than midi. Actually reminds me a bit of this.

Monkey Island

The mixing doen´t sound great, it´s small and poorly defined. It´s like a midi without mixi and master. Try with a modern mix next time and good luck :wink: The song is veru funny :smile:

hi stockwaves, adammonroe and RBP , Big thanx!

I understand from comments that the main issue is the genre issue , i agree the mix can be greater , and i can understand the A-B formula can go more complex ,even so i do like it that way. but i think the genre thing is the problem ,
well , monkey island is a great game! and the music there is magical , in my opinion .
i was targeting music that will communicate with the early 90’ computer games . by my opinion it can sell to people in search for that type of music , or people like me influenced by it . unfortunately i see envato market doesn’t share the same opinion as me .

do you know if there’s any way I can speak with envato market representative? I would really want to know the reason , and maybe share my view on the genre issue and maybe we will reach understanding .

and if not , do you know any music marketing sites that can appreciate “retro alike” kind of music? 'cause i’d really like to create and explore these regions , and i will be happy to be motivated by trade sites.

thank you so much for your attention and advices.


thanx RBP!

what do you mean by modern mix?

Hear dubstep like Skrillex or Monstercat, its like a video game music but the sound is too diferent. Extrabass, ultradefinide frecuencies sounds, etc

Yeah, sounds a bit like the demo song on a Yamaha PSS 30. Could be seen as a stylistic choice I guess, and might be suitable for some kind of kids TV musical montage, but I can understand why they rejected it. I liked it though!

Kids TV definitely, cute and retro. Maybe you should have explained your thinking behind the track in the message to reviewer at the bottom of the upload page?

yeah, thnx maybe I will

like your comment (:smile:

I think its catchy :smile:

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Hi MrTalchik! Start is always difficult. I wish you every success in the future! :yellow_heart: :green_heart:

As for the track: Too simple melody, even for children’s music. More precisely, as we say the middle is empty! Will be difficult to sell this track dezhe if missed it.

I actually like this track a lot. For apps, videos games, etc it could be perfect. I know where you were going with the computer-y sound. The one thing I would change is the wide electric guitar (at least I think thats what it is) that’s doubling the melody in the beginning and also comes back in after the B section. The tone needs to be different on that instrument, or maybe just turned down.

yeah thnks, its been a while and i actually sold this track to one application game , they loved it.there is nothing wrong with the melody ofcourse,nothing wrong with the ABAB structure, it is simple and stupid , and thats why it is awesome. i think in the conclusion by reading carefully all the comments to my question , i figure out that there is nothing really wrong with my track , some people got it , some didnt… i think the envanto team is a bit conservative and they dont get it if you dont fit to their taste.