My second theme also gets rejected

I can’t find the reason why my second theme also gets rejected. The reason of rejection is quality standards. Can someone please help me find out what is the problem with the quality and how to improve it.
Here is the demo.

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Hi there:

Your design is too basic bad typography, spacing & alignments, etc you need practice more for approved.


Thanks for your guidance

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I have reviewed your theme. I found multiple issues within 2 min. of review. Please try to enhance the designing skills by creating own standards and follow them throughout the theme. This will help you to create a uniform design. Also, make every link working, I found that contacts link into demo is not redirecting you anywhere.

Try to reduce this type of issues will surely give you a shot. All the best. :wink:

Hey, thememaker i found your review absolutely helpful in making the theme better. Thanks for your reply.

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With respect you are way way way off with this and would be much better off starting afresh than trying to fix it.

  • code doesn’t validate

  • nav doesn’t work properly

  • issues throughout with typography, hierarchy and spacing

  • needs far more features and unique/originality to make it premium