My second item was rejected, why?

Hello! This is my second item -

We found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Who can tell me why it was hard rejected?

The design is the problem. It is too basic.

  • Improve the visibility of each text block over the background image(add a semitransparent overlay to make texts more visible).

  • Responsive issues / Make social icons smaller / Remove horizontal scroll on mobile devices


Hi! Thanks for you answer!
Main theme is Xmas, text there is more contrast. “Lost in nature” go as additional items.
I can make text more visible/contrast. I think it’s not a reason for hard rejecting…
On what mobile devices you found this responsive issues? I’ve check it on all popular devices.

Test the responsiveness by resizing your browser to a smaller width to achieve that issue

I have chacked it many times…resize my browser, use dev tool, use screenshots from devices
Didn’t found any problems…

Update: It can shows scroll on some devices when width smaller than 319px. I don’t know modern devices with screen resolution smaller than 320px. Iphone 4 has 320px.

Maybe, I’ve missed some devices from view. Please, write me some models. Thanks!

Update 2: made some research and found this

People said that devices with width smaller than 320px was in 2011. I think that css3 and html5 will not work on that devices, so making my pages responsive for width <320 will not give any results. And set body to min-width: 320px is a good practise. This is that what I exectly has done.
So this work has no problems with responsive!
Please, correct me if I’m wrong.