My second item is rejected check this and solve me please

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Fitness Flyer” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Everything in this flyer is wrong. Images are stretched, random shapes, bad typography, All alignments and spacing are totally off. This is the result when you don’t know the basic rules in graphic design.

hi , as Designsomething started to explain, u just can’t expect your item to be possibly accepted by breaking so many basic design principles as u do and adding other troubles , as well …
1- alignment
sorry to say just this but your texts and so on are going in all directions, they seem to be placed completely randomly or uniquely depending u have some space available ,but this is not how things work indeed … let’s face it , this item is sort of like a corporate item and at the very least, even if the product is not overly creative, what u are expected to do is to provide people with something that is technically correct all the way when this is really not what happens at the moment indeed , and as u will understand through the depicture of things to change, edit or improve enumerated here …
2- spacing
basically enough, all that applies to alignment, is also true for spacing. Once more, u have elements which seem be placed according to your willing and convenience but not depending on logical organizational matters
3- repetition
this is another of these basic design principles and this is just nowhere to be found right now
4- contrast
I would not go as far as saying that u have completely messed this one, but the fact of the matter is that the offered contrast, at this stage is not sufficient enough, all the way and that this issue that u are strugglinging with bring to face additional problems , again, in sort of snowball effect … (contrast issues usually are synonymous with problems in terms of readability - here this is not too much what happens - exposure and hierarchy)
5- hierarchy
I am not sure that u are realizing just this but the choice of colors I definitely not an appropriate one, as , associated with the contrast thing that I have mentioned above, this is bringing even more troubles when it comes to hierarchy. Pls figure this out, the white color springs out even more once printed than on the screen, plus, the yellow color if contrasting less with the background under than the white color does , so what do u think should be the right color choosing? well , this is likely to give the title - so the most important element - the white color so that this really is springing out … while the less contrasting yellow color for the rest of the would lead to naturally have a stronger and more logical hierarchy , since the secondary information would look so thanks to colors making text less readable and noticeable …
6- z lay out and global dispositon
if u understand what z lay out is all about , u will figure out why most of the elements are misplaced , from the logo to services ands on, nothing is placed as expected and most importantly again , nothing among important elements are inside the impact zones and the global process of reading turns to to be far from intuitive
7- global harmony
the thing is that u alter curvy shapes with far more straight and squared ones and this is not visually super convinging to say the least
8- stretched image
I guess u can understand that this is ruining the work that u have done to place a picture that looks completely distorted, not to mention that it looks like a bit unprofessional a trick to stretch for the picture to help u handle the general organization
9- margins and breathing
for the document look better organized and to look harmonious, u need to make sure that there is nothing to close from margins / edges , that the logo has some significant space dedicated to and that this is also placed far enough from margins so that this is given the right impact indeed

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Thanks for your good suggestion. your comments inspired me.

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