My second attempt: add-on has been hard rejected.

Hey everyone,

This is my second attempt to upload an item to CodeCanyon and it has been hard rejected, I got the below response:

unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

My item basically is an Add-on script for Perfex CRM and it’s basically similar to other items (naming, description, docs …etc) but for sure this item is different (as it’s using different payment gateway), here is the details of it:

Name: PayTabs Payment Gateway Module For Perfex CRM

Demo URL: here


<strong>NOTE: This is not a standalone payment gateway module for PayTabs, the module requires Perfex CRM application installed which can be purchased <a href="">here</a></strong>.

PayTabs payment gateway for Perfex CRM will allow your customers to pay invoices using PayTabs From local and international credit cards and debit cards to digital wallets.

    	<li>PayTabs is one platform
for all your payments</li>

		<li>Customers can pay invoices using multiple payment methods, like credit cards, debit cards and wallets</li>
        <li>Shop now, pay later model is also an option in PayTabs, so customers can use: Tabby or Tamara</li>

    Admin Login:<br>
    Password: 123456

    Customer Login:<br>
    Password: 123456

Version 1.0.0
<pre>Initial Release</pre>

Documentation in main file (which compressed in zip format):
main file name:
main file content: “documentation.pdf” & “paytabs” folder
documentation.pdf (679.9 KB)


Inline Preview Image:

Preview Screenshots (compressed in zip format but I’m uploading them here as images):

Any idea why it’s hard-rejected ? there are almost exactly similar items to mine but with different name, now I’m thinking could it be Canva (as I’m making the designs with it) ?, my description ?, my documentation ?, or what ?

Thank you!

@ki-themes @baileyherbert can you please let me know what do you think? Thanks a lot!

Is there any other items for CRM on the marketplace?

No, there are other modules but with different payment gateways, but my module does have a payment gateway that is not in the market place, here are some other similar items:

I have replied below I’m not sure if you got a notification about my reply

UPDATE: I’m sorry I saw my reply, sorry I’m new to Envato forums.

Not sure about the problem, you may contact Envato support. They may provide better feedback.

ok, thanks will contact with them