My Script third time rejected, with the reason 'quality standard required',

Please review my given link, suggest me.
Installation Link:

Demo Link:

username: admin
Password: admin123

Help(Documentation) Link:
Thank you in advance

Hello, interesting crm on my opinion.
To the design:

  1. I think ability to sort by action is not necessary
  2. Taxonomy is overloaded on my opinion. For example:
  • now:
    Manage Expense -> Add Expense,
    Manage Expense -> Expense List,
    Manage Expense -> Add Expense Category,
    Manage Expense -> Expense Category List

  • new one:
    Expense -> List,
    Expense -> Categories

Entity addition functionality is already on the top of the each list and it is enough

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Thank you @cubecode_net .
I work on it, If any changes please suggest me as possible.
Thank you for valuable opinion.