My review was removed

Hi everybody,
just a question to envato stuff… I purchased a app which was impossible to install. I complained and discussed with the author a whole day. Wasted a lot of time. I was not satisfied and wrote a review about the facts happened to me. Minutes after my review was public, it was removed. Why?
Are only positiv reviews allowed here?? Should nobody be warned if there are issues? What is the purpose of reviews?
I’m very disappointed.


Only envato can remove reviews so they just have seen some reason.

Did you refund the item?

They didn’t refund till now.

And… There was really no reason to remove my review. I was respectful to the people with no bad words and I just wrote my opinion about the product. Maybe they removed it because I asked if they published a very complicated or impossible to install app to be hired for $200 for installation. I don’t think it’s bad to ask because it was obvious.
I also warned everybody with Plesk hosting from buying because they will not be able to install it.
No serious reason…

Obviously can’t comment without the details but if you were being refunded then that could well be the reason it was removed, especially of the item was not actually broken