My Review Rating of WoWonder Script deleted by Envato Theme Forest staff?

hello, I had purchased and reviewed the WoWonder php social network script with a rating of 1, and I enumerated my very valid reasons for the rating. Then, yesterday, when I was viewing new reviews, I noticed that my own review had disappeared completely, as if I had never given a review. So the only conclusion I can come to is that the author appealed my review the Envato Theme Forest staff who eventually deleted it, because there could be no other explanation. So is something like this allowed, where the Envato Theme Forest staff deletes reviews by good paying customers? So anyway, I had no choice and very reluctantly submitted a new review yesterday with 3 stars, just so it does not get deleted again. Seems very unfair to customers.

In some cases, the review can be deleted by Envato but to keep it there, you don’t have to rate “3” stars. You can change your rate as you wish and contact Envato support if it’s deleted one more time to ask additional information why it’s deleted.

In theory, they supposed to send an email after the removal but it’s not the perfect world.

thanks for the clarification, but Envato should not be deleting reviews because that is the prerogative of the buyer.

From my personal expererience it is very hard and rare for Envato to delete a customer’s rating. This is their policy on the subject

They would not remove reviews unless they had just cause of some type. You can always reach out to support and ask for more clarity. Envato Market Help and Support

Based on item comments etc. you have obviously had a bit of back and forth with it.

It’s fair to argue that a review is about your ‘experience’ - there were also several comments that relate to features etc. that are/were not included with the item, and where the author has gone out of their way to try and politely help and even install the script (which is outside of the scope of support).

This may be connected (again you would need to ask support) to some reviews being removed if it relates to issues related to technical capabilities or features things that were not actually included as part of the item

1 star reviews can be removed after the author’s request. I got 2 bad reviews from the same customer yesterday, too. Buyer bought HTML template and WP plugin and tried to install them as WP theme! And, buyer gave me 2 one stars without asked help! Is it legit? So, I asked the removal of them.


I think Customer intention should be get support to solve the issue or ask refund.
If you are not getting proper support or refund you can definitely put 1 star or open support ticket to Envato.
But sometime without valid reason customer gives 1 star and don’t ask for support. What does this 1 star mean.

just to make you aware, before I purchased the script, I asked the author if they would install the script for me if I purchased the script and additional support, and they said yes they would install the script if I purchased it, so there was an agreement BEFORE the purchase that installation would be included. But guess what, the authors installed an old version instead of their current version at the time of installation, so then I posted a 1-star review, after which the authors (since no one else had access to the site other than the authors and myself) placed the site Under Maintenance, so there was no way for me to access the site, and even my webhost, Namecheap, could not help me get access to the site So today I had no choice but to delete the author’s installation, and would now have to look for a freelancer to repeat the installation. So tell me what rating should I have given based on my experience.

I also need to emphasize that when I refer to “authors”, I do not necessarily refer to Doug, but instead I refer to anyone in his team, because if I remember correctly, it was a member of his team, and not Doug, who installed the old version and who gave me a very difficult time with support when I complained about it.