My review is censured


I bought a theme MagPlus. This theme makes my whole Wordpress bugs.
When I deactivate it and all the plugins linked to it, and come back to a default wordpress theme, it works perfectly well.

So I put a review of 1 star for this theme that I bought. I did it twice. Each time, my review is deleted. I don’t understand why.

This is censure.

I was a very good customer of themeforest, it’s my last buy there.

I’m sorry to hear about your experience!

Envato’s default position is not to censor, edit, or delete ratings or reviews by customers. However, in some cases, according to Rating or Review Removal Policy reviews can be removed.

From my experience, rephrasing the review or adding helpful information can help with the review not being reported/deleted.

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I’m sorry but Envato has censored a number of reviews from people… they’ve censored my reviews also in the past numerous times, even though I am giving a truthful review and have tried to work with the authors. One particular author broke a number of his clients sites with an upgrade, and even though it’s written in his comments and reviews, Envato is ignoring this it seems. They removed my review, and even come back bashing me and taking up for the code author while pressing his lies on me like I was the one wrong for leaving a truthful review, while the code author has ignored me for 2 months… all the proof is there on their item page, even the proof where the author neglected to reply for 2 months… but instead of looking in the comments / reviews where I told them to look for proof of all this (as again it’s not just me complaining) Envato replies wanting specific links… the links are on the product page though… it’s at the top… reviews and comments… I even gave timestamps before and locations of all posted comments I submitted but they seem to just ignore this and want me to literally hold their hand and do their work for them…

This is all after they believed the lies of the author, removed my review, and then pushed me like I was the bad guy, while they just believed whatever the code author told them… they did absolutely zero research into this so-called investigation, but they just believed the code author for his word, and then ignore me when I tell them exactly where the proof is that he is lying.

Codecanyon / Envato protects fraudulent sellers… if they didn’t why would they allow sellers to straight up lie and then they just believe it like they are brainwashed?

Envato is protecting their profits when they remove reviews like this… you aren’t the only one and these are no isolated cases… Envato has removed many reviews that were truthful and belonged.

I am really sorry, I find it very heartful, just had the same issue. Most recently i bought 3 items from seller on Envator (CodeCanyon). The seller had many bugs. I left feedback within the guidelines, and the support removed all 3, and email me asking me if i am having an issue i should just contact the seller.

The seller did reply to all 3 reviews where he insulted me and called me a liar.

I replied to support with evidence and I also pointed out the seller rude action. A side from my reviews being removed (as well as other negative review from other buyers), no action is taken what so ever to prevent the seller from selling broken code.