My review has disapeared. How much review can i write for one item?


  1. I have written a review for a WP theme.
    Today I checked and did not see it.

  2. I have some licenses for one item. Can I write some reviews or only one? (may be I have found a bug).

you will be able to rate only one review for the item. Thanks

It is pity (
I have many licenses and have a wide experiences in the different times.


Curious to know, why you will have different experience each time for the exact same product?

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The one license for one site.
Another time, another version of item, another tasks and support = different experience.

My review has disappeared again!
And the item dont have any negative review for 2 years but they have been there.
How is it possible??

Where I can write to get the answer?

As only envato themselves can actually remove reviews you would need to ask support

Envato Market Help and Support