My request was rejected

My request was rejected
It is not at the quality level required to proceed, why? Thank you

To be honest, this is very primitive.
There are just two burning lines, and that’s it. Saber is a little outdated. This effect was popular 3-4 years ago. Therefore, the market is full of similar projects, and to be honest, your project will not be able to compete with them. In addition, you did not come up with anything new, did not add an interesting idea. You just tried to repeat what was done by other authors thousands of times. The logo appears just with opacity. This is also too primitive. Lens Flyers also look outdated. There is no camera movement. The logo all the time just stands still.
Among other things, you don’t have the right to use logos of famous brands. It is forbidden.
Keep working on your mistakes, and you will succeed :wink: